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What am “I” without my problems?

41 problems

Michael, an FB friend, opened the issue of why people find it necessary to maintain at least a good deal of problems during their life course and we had some really interesting findings. This is a really important question to ask if someone  is serious at all.

So what is the connection between the Self, the “I” and the Problems? It seems like the Self creates problems and problems breed the self. We could say that all psychological problems we are facing are actually an important content/part of what we call the Self. Continue reading →

A Dialogue on Sincerity

42 sincerity

After discussions with two friends i found something that is immensily beautiful: Once there is love there is effortless sincerity. But if you try to be sincere then you definitely don’t love.. and if love is absent then out of such loveless sincerity more conflict, disorder, sorrow, pain will inevitably come. The first discussion switched on a light while the second made this light much stronger: Continue reading →

30 years after a good man died – Jiddu Krishnamurti

16 krishnamurti

Some of you have heard of Jiddu Krishnamurti and he’s also mentioned here a couple of times. K was an Indian that lived from 1895 to 1986, but i think i can’t say many words about him.. he wasn’t a guru, he wasn’t a zen master, a teacher (implying the rest of us are students) or anything like that. He was actually nothing. His words affected me deeply.. the inquiry of his message gave me the opportunity to investigate my whole life, all the values, ideals, stereotypes, ethics that were ruling it and see what makes sense. Continue reading →

Violence: Is the victim separate from the victimizer?

25 violence

Since my previous diary on violence i am seriously investigating this huge issue of Violence. And then came a new dialogue on Violence in our Facebook Group to give more interesting perceptions! It seems that things are not at all as they are traditionally perceived! It seems that there is not a victim separated from the victimizer. We deal with psychological violence here, lets make that clear.

So there is someone that is violently insults me. This man says “you are such a lazy guy, this is unacceptable”. Continue reading →

What it is to relate?

28 relationship

Is relationship among the most important things in life? Part of “to live” is “to relate”, right? But what exactly is a relationship? Is it crystal clear? Is relationship a movement of verbal or non verbal communication, body touch, interest, sharing, cooperation, companionship and affection? And what is the role of Time in a relationship? Time as the past, as experience, as the images we  have for each other.. Continue reading →

What Lies behind our Urge for Rules?

13 fear-rules

So the day before yesterday i had a dialogue about the necessity of regulations and much discussion took place which i think brought us deeper. These discussions made it a bit clear that most people think that at least a minimum of regulations is necessary or chaos would happen. Next question is why do we think this is necessary? What is the root of this urge for some rules? Continue reading →

Is freedom of choice actual freedom?

31 choice

There is too much speculation here in Greece regarding the issue of refugees..  It is speculated that Greece will be forced to choose between expelling from Schengen Treaty and building a huge camp of refugees in Greece. So if this question is asked and an answer is demanded, how do we respond? The discussion that followed this question showed something really important. It revealed the destructive effect of choice. It showed how choosing is, contrary to what is generally believed, a factor of enslaving rather than an expression of freedom. Continue reading →