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Petty Little Escapes

11 escape

How do we perceive life? As a sequence of necessary unpleasant habits (like working in a boring job) and a few pleasant ones? So we create pleasant habits like drinking a cup of coffee every morning morning, we watch TV at night, every Sunday to go out for launch, every last Friday of the month to eat in an expensive restaurant, every Monday night to go to the cinema while there is discount in tickets..? and then every now and then we arrange something that is out of this strict routine as a break, a trip, an excursion! And this is so well planned so as to try to turn the unknown to known. Continue reading →

Is absolute psychological safety possible?

78 safety

People urge for safety. There is a necessity for physical safety.. we need a safe place to live, well sheltered from cold, animals, or brutal people. We also need some food and water. This does make sense, no? There is also a need for psychological safety. What is psychological safety? It’s not quite obvious. Many people confuse psychological with physical safety. It seems that psychological safety refers to the future, psychological safety involves time. Continue reading →

About psychological Time

4 Time

Just came into a post that i wrote back in 2008 (in Greek) in my first personal blog. Its title was “Time”. First i would like to translate a few lines from this post:

I love the days that i’ve managed to go out for coffee, then go to the gym, then for a soccer game and after having a quick bath to run like crazy in order to catch a second rendezvous for a second coffee and after that to run in order to be on time for a movie in cinema. I work very hard to detach from all habits that waste my time, the moment i locate them. Continue reading →

The art of discussion

162 discussion

Are we aware of the inner battle that takes place during a discussion, especially when the opinions of the debaters are different? Are we aware of the really painful emotion that something is in danger when we discuss with someone who doesn’t agree with our point of view? Are we aware of the emotion of satisfaction and safety we feel once there is absolute agreement? It seems these two reactions are the opposite sides of the same coin. Two people are sitting together discussing about a problem of life.. Continue reading →

The House of Hope

8 hope

Everyday i pass in front of a club of cancer patients. The title of the club is Hope. Before i was consciously aware that something is wrong with that there was always a strange feeling when watching this title.

Before accepting the traditional notion that hope is something good, before accepting that hope definitely helps we should investigate, if we are at all serious, whether that’s the case. I recall myself being constantly in a state of hoping.. Continue reading →

Is there justice at all?

99 injustice

Would you agree that almost all of us suffer more or less because of issues of injustice? Let’s take a very wide approach of the word “justice” not referring just to the legal things, to law, but also in relationships, regarding what is fair and what is not. Isn’t it right that most of us suffer (psychologically) from this sense that what happens to us is not fair? Friends complain about the frustrating unfair social system, volunteers say NGOs treat refugees and volunteers unfairly, NGOs complain on how bad do volunteers treat them, people get irritated with the fact that NGOs offer a good salary to the people they recruit etc. There is always around a sense of irritation because of unfair treatment, because of injustice. Continue reading →

Is love a matter of giving and taking?

39 giving-taking

So one relates with another and either one demands absolutely nothing or there is a rather discrete or much more obvious expectation from the other part of the relationship. Actually i don’t see how its possible for a deeply conditioned mind – a man that lives in this obviously sick society with parents that project their desires to their children, with a profoundly brutal educational system which enslaves students – to create no expectations at all. Continue reading →

Dialogue: Why do we wish at all?

11 wishes

Its the first time there was not any disturbance with the huge wave of wishes because of the New Year’s day and it seems there was also much understanding on the whole movement of wish. The dialogue below was rather enlightening for the writer.. :

  • George: Doesn’t a wish imply hope? And obviously fear?
  • Heather: Maybe just desire
  • George: Desire hope fear, all a unified movement.. so why do we send wishes at all?
  • Continue reading →

Is an exclusive relationship an actual one?

75 relationship

A few days ago there was a discussion about the exclusivity/possession in human relationship. Yesterday there was another discussion with a friend that related with a married man. Two people, friends or erotic partners, relate.. what is commonly considered as a healthy relationship is a relationship that implies possession and a sense of exclusivity, attachment.. you are MY friend and you should care for me, you should satisfy my expectations, you shouldn’t put anyone else above me, i should be your first priority.. and i will try to offer you exactly the same... in the case of two erotic partners, there is demand for absolute exclusivity, while in the case of friends we could say there is demand  for relative exclusivity (this term sounds a bit contradictory but i guess its clear what is implied with that). Continue reading →

Is the selfish gene really selfish?

28 selfish-gene

Many of you have heard of this famous book by Biologist Richard Dawkins called “The Selfish Gene”. This is a book that tries to describe the process of evolution in simple words, implying (I think) that the basis of biological evolution is the genes . I didn’t read the whole book but there was a part in the very beginning of the book that was incredibly interesting and it leads, i think to the question of the title.. is the Selfish Gene really selfish? Continue reading →