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Decrypting Meditation Vol. Is it possible to see the tree without the word?

10 tree

For a very long time the writer was looking at a tree, a thought or food and mechanically a relative word was appearing in his mind like “oak tree”, “fear” or “meatballs”, without being conscious of this process of automatically creating the word.. then for some reason a conscious realization of this process took place.. Then came a question whether its possible to see the tree without the word.. then it was discovered that this is also possible..

.. yesterday night there was a “flash”/insight that probably all this happens because of intense alertness of (the non mechanical part of) the mind. Continue reading →

How illusion comes into being? Illusion and Self Illusion

2 illusion

Most people think that their reality is true. A few others intellectually recognize whatever they experience is mostly Illusion! The writer would like to delve into this problem of Illusion and probably raise a few questions for discussion.. The readers could do exactly the same, putting aside all preconceived ideas, opinions they have about Life.

In a previous diary we referred to a scientifically proved fact that our body senses are naturally limited, partial (for example eyes see only in a very limited part of frequencies). Continue reading →

The Meaning of Life vol. The River

73 meaning-of-life

There was a Guru in Andes who was supposed to know the meaning of life.. Rumors for his wisdom and for his sacred knowledge reached India.. a young Indian who was passionately searching for the meaning of life by following several meditative techniques, practicing all day with no great results decided to travel from India to Andes in order to find the wise old man.. once he got to the guru’s cave he was completely excited, so without even saying hi he got to the purpose of his visit: Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation Vol. Starting from the unimportants we may tackle the importants

9 unimportants

The occasion for this diary was a previous diary regarding my first contact with the field of non verbal along with a conversation with my beloved friend Antonis about observation.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation.. I just woke up.. i comfortably sit in my couch and drink a hot cup of coffee.. then the first conscious thought of the day appears.. “how beautiful it would be if i were in Berlin, instead of my home at Chios”. If this thought isn’t observed the very moment of its appearance, then it may lead to new thoughts  like “So is it possible to go to Berlin pretty soon?” and then “Oh my God its so expensive to go there by plane” Continue reading →

Is there anything beyond the opposites?

18 opposites

There was a discussion, a few days ago, about the potential of intellect/thought to bring about authentic awareness. While it seems not related, this discussion somehow lead to an insight on the nature of the opposites and naturally answered this question: “Is there anything beyond the opposites?

The first question that comes in mind is whether its possible for awareness to happen if thought is active. If we carefully inquire into that we will realize that once the thought and the rest of the intellectual processes are active its impossible for effortless, passive observation/awareness to takes place. Continue reading →

Dialogue: Can we lead a totally non violent life?

5 psychological-violence

The writer has referred to violence in previous diaries but unexpectedly today there was a dialogue which revealed effortlessly, naturally a few interesting aspects of violence. The conversation started with Gordon asking a question..

  • Gordon Isn’t poverty the result (a consequence) of human violence?
  • George And isn’t violence the result of division?
  • Gordon Yes sir. My division. So I take your land, or your oil, or your bananas, and then wish you a merry Christmas, peace to you? How does that work?
  • Continue reading →

Dialogue: Are we totally Responsible for the inner and outer Chaos?

16 responsibility

We had a conversation the other day, below this diary regarding the tragedy in Paris which took many days in order to be completed and i would like to share it because I think it shows clearly  that we are directly and totally responsible for the chaos we experience everyday.

The dialogue between me and Clive is quite long (you can read it in the end of the diary i mentioned above).. we were discussing about the meaning of responsibility, trying at the same moment to locate whether we are responsible regarding such atrocities like the one that happened in Paris.   I’m just placing here the last part of the dialogue: Continue reading →

How words put an end to awareness

3 no-words

I shared a previous inquiring with dozens of people online and i received a few really interesting and beautiful perspectives which i would like to share with you because i think there is truth on them.. and if you actually see the truth of them, then its the essense of beauty and joy… my inquiry was:

Is it possible for awareness to dissolve emotions/thoughts before they even appear

Would like to talk about the possibility  that de-identification with thoughts takes place in a word-less stage.. in such case there is so much alertness and there is awareness of the emotion or thought, of anger, or fear, of jealousy or aggression, of cunningness or insecurity, as the emotion is rising from the depth.. like you see it coming. So there is a feeling/awareness of anger before of the creation of the word “anger” (when the word is still absent). Then the emotion of anger is disappearing.. or to be more accurate it isn even appearing at all.

The two comments i would like to share here are the following: Continue reading →

To be attentive of your inattention is attention

1 attention

As we enter a room we are aware of what comprises this room. We see the windows, the curtains, the colors of the walls, we feel the smell of the room, we listen to the sounds coming from this room. Usually there is choice in such awareness. We say “This table is so rustic, I adore it”, “the tiles on the floor are so cold, this is unpleasant”, “i don’t like this vase” or “how noisy is this room”. Such awareness is partial. Its partial because there is choice.. we like things and dislike other things, we resist in the things we dislike, we try to avoid them, to eliminate them. And we admire things we like, we focus on them, we make pleasure of them. Continue reading →

Para Vani or how to be a Lucky Luke of Awareness

15 para-vani

A friend called Marios first referred to Para Vani, which is a stage in the process of the creation of thought where the words that describe this thought are still absent. I am not sure this is the official meaning of this word but this is what the writer wants to refer to. Then came a conversation regarding identification with two friends on FB, Lina and Little Green Man which seems to connect with this pre-word-forming observation/awareness

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