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Sorrow and its passion

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Today was an intense day. There was much peace, then anger and while no attention was given to this anger, sorrow filled my body. It seems like sorrow is a product of thought’s reactions to the everyday challenges once there is not in-time perception (awareness) of such reactions. When this happens it seems that the first thought brings a second and this leads to an unstoppable overflow of thoughts that causes a sense of increasing chaos, confusion. The intellectual understanding of this confusion necessarily brings a sense of misery which finally creates this acute sorrow.

So what happens when sorrow takes place? I think panic and fear are usually the first reactions to this sorrow.. Continue reading →

Are Opinions really necessary?

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The other day i read this:

To see facts without opinion is one thing, but to have opinions about facts is totally another. It is one thing just to see the fact that a whole people are caught in superstition, but quite another to see that fact and condemn it. Opinions are not important, because I will have one opinion, you will have another, and a third person will have still another. To be concerned with opinions is a stupid form of thinking. What is important is to see facts as they are without opinion, without judging, without comparing.

Before this text appear, i was having several conversations regarding the importance and necessity of opinions. And the findings of these conversations were quite interesting. Surprisingly it seems that opinions are not important at all. In addition it seems that opinions are be also a destructive factor that put obstacles in the flow of life! So i think we should ask ourselves this question about opinions. Is opinion necessary or, on the contrary, it may cause chaos and conflict? Continue reading →

When Slapping a Refugee brings about an insight on Violence

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Are you aware of the huge wave of refugees from Pakistan, Syria etc that are trying to escape to Europe with a stopover in Greece (and many unlucky victims that are drowned everyday)? Recently an incident took place in Kos Island. A policeman slapped and used a knife to threaten a Pakistani refugee. This brought about huge outcry (by anti-racists) against the racistic behavior of the policeman and this caused a new reaction from racists who feel we are in danger because of the refugees. They remind of the raping of a young girl called Myrto by another Pakistani refugee and they somehow equate these two incidents.. What is hidden behind this chain of reactions? What is the core of this mess? Isn’t it what we call violence?

In nature there is violence.. a lion kills a deer in order to eat. This violence is necessary and its essentially.. life. We are not talking about this kind of violence here.. we are talking of a totally not necessary violence, which we could call “psychological violence”. Continue reading →

A few Interesting Quotes on Meditation

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Yesterday appeared two interesting quotes regarding meditation which i felt like sharing with you. You’ve probably noticed i don’t refer to the “owner” of every quote. This is because i feel knowing the author of a quote somehow affects the way you read it.. once the author of the quote is someone you accept as wise, enlightened etc, your approach could be different comparing to your approach on a quote from a controversial author. Anyway, here we are: Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation Vol. No entity to be aware

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So first we found meditation is a passive non verbal movement, then it became clear meditation has nothing to do with methods. And then came this statement from Max:

max greene wrote:
The problem is that there is no entity able to do these things. There is no entity with awareness, there is simply awareness itself. Once there is an “I” or a “we” who wants “to be totally free,” the game is up. Freedom is in the awareness itself, and under no other condition.

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Bye Bye Ideologies

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It’s peculiar how crucial role the ideals/ideologies/beliefs/faith play in our life. I would like to delve into that cause in first glance something doesn’t look ok. But let’s start from where we actually are. We want to perceive the connection of ideologies to our life. What we know is our past knowledge on ideologies, but past knowledge is dead, so why don’t we abolish it completely? So as to be able to face our question with no knowledge at all. Like an innocent baby that looks at something and is passionate to understand, to explore. So here we are.. no knowledge, not the slightest idea about ideals and consequently no resistance to the new, to the fresh! How do we proceed? Continue reading →

Nothing was divided and there is nothing to unite

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A beautiful insight happened a few minutes earlier. First came an interview of a Greek Astrophysicist, Manos Danezis regarding the limits of human biology in connection with the unity of the universe (many thanks to Dimitris Giannakaronis). Then came a mail from Jos, a subscriber to MeditativeDiaries and friend. This happy coincidence triggered a so intense flash.. just copying/pasting our email conversation: Continue reading →

A River that knew how to teach our children well

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The other day found me in a scenery that words can’t describe. There was a river and my friend and I stopped in its bank to eat something and enjoy what was around.. There was the sound of the water, the singing of the birds, the clumsy “speaking” of ducks..  and also there was a bridge, a green canvas and the chilling shadows of a huge walnut tree (i must say it was an extremely hot day)..

.. and then appeared the mother, the grandmother and the child. Continue reading →

The Word is Not the Thing

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So what exactly are the words? How do the words affect the way we perceive things? Why do we give such extraordinary importance to words? Probably if we delve into the nature of words it would be possible to tackle several communication issues and neurotic behaviors. So let’s investigate together.

Would we agree that words are just symbols? The word tree is just a symbol for the actual tree, a symbol that was formed in the past to describe the tree. We all agree on that.. which makes it necessary when two people investigate together to make sure that they have the same coding, that they use the same symbol for the same thing. Continue reading →

Bye bye authority

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Many of you have probably heard of Krishnamurti and as i mentioned in previous posts, his words were the triggering event for starting MeditativeDiaries. Krishnamurti starts almost every single conversation or speech with a statement which is probably the most radical point of his teachings (this isn’t probably the best word to use, but i will stick to that for the moment): K underlines that the speaker is not important, only the message is probably serious, significant. He encourages everybody to not merely accept his message, to question it, to find on his/her own whether there is truth on it. He also notices that simply mechanically repeating a truth makes it a lie. Continue reading →