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Petty Little Escapes

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How do we perceive life? As a sequence of necessary unpleasant habits (like working in a boring job) and a few pleasant ones? So we create pleasant habits like drinking a cup of coffee every morning morning, we watch TV at night, every Sunday to go out for launch, every last Friday of the month to eat in an expensive restaurant, every Monday night to go to the cinema while there is discount in tickets..? and then every now and then we arrange something that is out of this strict routine as a break, a trip, an excursion! And this is so well planned so as to try to turn the unknown to known.

So is this Life all about? Is it a repetition of habits till the day we die? And what is all these habits? Aren’t all these, petty little escapes from “what is”? Why do i wake up in the morning and say “today i will go to work but then comes a tasty spaghetti for launch and at night there is my favorite series, or an interesting soccer game”? Why we need that our day includes a few pleasant escapes? Is it that we feel our life is empty of pleasure, excitement, our life is dull so we desperately crave for a few pleasant breaks?

And aren’t escapes everywhere, not only in habits? I am feeling bored in a bar and i leave asap trying to escape from boredom.. I dislike someone and i am doing my best in order to avoid him trying to escape from his irritating behavior. Someone insults me and i attack him back, in order to avoid to see the actual fact, the fact of hurt. I listen to something and i instantly create a conclusion, trying to reduce a fresh, new statement in something known. I have a dialogue with someone and i escape by what is said by approving, disapproving, agreeing disagreeing, liking disliking. I comment on the unacceptable attitude of somebody because i think my life is uninteresting and there is some guilty pleasure, some brutal interest in gossiping about the mistakes of another. I am in a relationship that seems so flat and i escape in domination, possession, or in divorce in order to feel satisfaction, excitement. Or i find a casual secret lover to experience fresh excitement. And isn’t it an escape to suffer from death of a close one, or from abandonment of a loved one and try psychotherapy, ergasiotherapy, or to be continuously with friends? I don’t even dare to eat without watching TV because i feel eating is a boring situation on its own, so i would like to combine it with something rather more pleasant. So is this the case? We are terribly afraid to face our life as it is and we escape every single moment by means of thousands intellectual reactions, tricks? Someone should ask this question if one is at all serious.

As for the writer, he sees this is a fact! And how can we face this fact? Not “how”. Is it possible for somebody to go beyond all these intellectual escapes? The writer sees its crucial, urgent that a gap appears before reacting. A willing, effortless gap where probably its possible to see the futility of continuous escaping. Can this gap exist? If yes probably during this gap its possible that a timeless, choiceless, passive, non verbal observation of the escape takes place and then the escape reveals its whole meaning.

This is not a subject to debate, these words are not written in order to agree or disagree. The only thing one can do is to find for oneself.. direct experiencing rather than intellectual arguments can grasp truth.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. Yes.
    Otherwise, it is only thought dictating/controlling behavior.

    Reacting, and then reacting to its reacting.
    … Like living in ‘psychological blindness’.

    Where do you find ‘the gap’?
    … Between thoughts?

    Between the out- breath and the in breath
    (Or in-breath and out-breath),
    Or in between the ‘Spanda Pulsations’?

    • I have seen IT described in different ways:
      Sometimes it is even confused with a physical ailment.
      … But it is very familiar to me.

      Look up the words ‘Spanda’ and ‘Sphurana’.
      They seem to give the best description?

      It is experienced as a kind of ‘throbbing’ of the Substrate of Silence. Sort of like sound/light micro-pulsations’, vibrating rapidly within each ‘moment-point’.

      Maybe akin to how everything is very rapidly coming in and out of existence?

      At the ‘quantum level’, is like particles coming in and going out of existence. Sort of like a light-switch that is being turned on and off so fast that is barely noticeable.

      At the ‘cosmological level’ it is like the ‘Big Bang’ and the ‘Big Crunch’ – expanding and contracting, coming in and out of existence, perpetually pulsating, and throbbing throughout the Universe, beyond space and time.

      IT seems to implicate all this?

      Just directly looking (from the psychological view), these ‘pulsating throbs’ seem to point beyond the ‘I Am’, to the ‘I Am Not’, to where Nothing is?

      They appear to be pointing to some Unknown Source?

      It is like the subtle ‘hum of existence’ – pure Silence, but yet sometimes so loud that nothing else can be heard, and where you – together with everything else, can disappear altogether.

      Here’s a few links (IT is difficult to describe).

      Talk 363 – Sphurana
      Bhagavan said, “Sphurana means ‘throbbing’, ‘springing on the memory’, ‘flashing across the mind’. Thus both sound and light may be implied in the word sphurana. Everything has come from light and sound.” And in another place: “‘I-I’ is the Self; (Aham idam) ‘I am this’ or ‘I and that’ is the ego. Sphurana is there always. The ego is transitory. When the ‘I’ is kept up as ‘I’ alone it is the Self; when it flies at a tangent and says ‘this’, it is the ego.” (also mentioned in Day by Day, 24 March 1945

  2. Escape has nothing to do with real ‘Spirituality’.

    You have to get beyond the words and concepts to the Direct Experience of the ‘Real Thing’. Then there really is no self-conscious entity left to attribute some special quality to.

    Then what happen is more like a spontaneous occurrence, that can’t really attributed to some imaginary, separate self.

    In fact, in a way it is impossible for some things to happen as long as the ‘me-identification’ persists.

    Nay-Sayers are often just frustrated unhappy people.

  3. Simple honest and real description of our inner state of being,
    This honesty humility and directness is born in direct observation, Jorge Kapa, the core is observing itself truly…Easy to shut down the whole process now. Silence will free the being, thoughts will alighn from the core, love has its own action…

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