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#PrayforParis – Humans die everywhere – what should we do?

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Friday, 10.25 pm .. a new death of a 3-year-old refugee was just announced. A heartless smuggler decided to throw the child to the sea in order to escape from the local authorities. Saturday, 00.45 am .. a new terror is rising, terrorists attack Paris. This diary is  written to investigate if there is a holistic action after such an atrocity? I don’t imply action of authorities, politicians.. i say about you and me, the whole humanity that looks dazed, numb after this shock.

To be honest, i have no idea what is a holistic action, an action that doesn’t perpetuate the whole drama, the whole insanity and brutality, an action that doesn’t divide us. So true answer is i don’t know if there is such an action but i want to explore, to find out. To recognize this which is absolute, an absolute, holistic action, seems rather impossible by means of conscious investigation (because consciousness is partial naturally, so how can the partial touch the absolute?). But it seems possible to investigate what I shouldn’t do, to spot all these conscious movements/reactions that rather continue the whole mess than solving the issue. I’ve noticed a multitude of such reactions, all born of emotional stress.

So many people pray. They pray for France, they pray for Paris.. what exactly does it mean to pray? To pray so as my God or your God will help French people? Isn’t it a super easy excuse to get rid of my responsibilities, of my remorse? Isn’t an escape from a situation that is not convenient at all? And can escaping bring about a holistic, absolute action, or it just shrouds the problem? I won’t give answers, everyone should find for oneself.

Others demand to punish the vicious, completely insane victimizers. The first words about the smuggler that brought about the death of this innocent baby were that he should be punished, tortured, executed. Now is such approach a continuation of the smuggler’s cruelty? He was cruel and we demand the same cruel behavior against him.. isn’t it obvious that this perpetuates the craziness?

Many of us choose to symbolically support the victims.. a few months ago people were publishing photos of another child that died.. now many people take advantage of a new facebook app to change their profile photo and add the french flag into it, showing thus symbolically their support.. isn’t it irrelevant? Will the world change by just adding a flag (a symbol of nationalism – which nationalism, like each other ideology is divisive entity which is among the roots of the chaos)? But we just do this and we feel a bit more convenient, don’t we?

Others try hard, spend tones of energy, to justify their innocence, to get rid off this feeling that they are responsible for what happens. First we need to seriously ask “are we responsible for all this”.. some will say “i have a very limited responsibility on the whole madness – the ones that are truly guilt for this dramatic situation are the politicians, religions, capitalism, racism etc”. So these people find another convenient escape.. they condemn, threaten, protest against all these structures and divide themselves from the problem, which brings a temporary relief. I question whether this is a holistic action.

And others simply sink into the sorrow.. they say “oh my god, what a tragedy” or “i can’t believe how cruel the world is” or “its coming to us now and i am so afraid about that”.. so sorrow, terror. And being a part of sorrow, living in sorrow, accepting sorrow as inevitable, justifying sorrow brings idleness. But it’s another thing to  be part of sorrow, to be identified with sorrow and another thing to be able to watch sorrow as it is.. to observe it, with passion, to feel its quality, its colors.. if you actually observe sorrow a fresh, intense passion arises.. a passion that probably will bring a holistic action naturally.

So having said all these, probably the positive (a holistic action) will arise by negating all these irrational reactions that seem to perpetuate the actual causes of this mess.. everybody needs to find on one’s own.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. Yes, thank you for this considered response to the ‘latest atrocity’, George. Although in truth atrocities are happening all the time, in many guises – only a small number grab the world headlines.

    So much gut reaction, as you mention. Incredible that overwhelmingly the reactions are in terms of more nationalism; more flag waving (now done in technicolour lighting up of buildings), more singing of national anthems, more untrue platitudes about brotherhood between (certain) countries. Why is the human race so blind in this area? Why does it think security lies in division? Why are the same brains that produce space travel, Artificial Intelligence, amazing surgery, etc etc, so stupid when it comes to nationalism and all the things that divide man from man? Really asking these questions.

    It feels natural to ask “What am I to do as a response?” In response to all the chaos and insanity going on in the world. But it may not be a ‘right question’. It may be that all action stemming from thought, no matter how carefully thought out, only adds to the confusion, conflict and misery.

    But the crux of your article, it seems to me, lies in your statement:
    “ First we need to seriously ask “are we responsible for all this”

    Obviously we don’t feel that we are. Mostly we feel there are ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ – which has a certain amount of truth in it. But basically we stand on common psychological ground, surely? But to be honest, it is not crystal clear to me that I am responsible for “all this”. I am not denying that it it is so, either. But a theory either way is not helpful. No theory is.


  2. Now look what happens once all these emotional reactions are negated!! The whole tragedy seems to have zero psychological effect on you.. psychological effect like sadness, fear, confusion, remorse and then after 3 or 4 days we are coming back to normal “life”!

  3. Great point, Clive, it seems like you care, like you are serious. Thanks

    This is where the diary leads… anything that i do as a response to this tragedy, by means of thought perpetuates the drama.

    It makes sense that its hard to see your/my responsibility. But please be honest, watch the division you bring about in just your daily routine.. i’ve never met a man that doesn’t create more division (which obviously doesn’t imply that such a man doesn’t exist, or can’t be).. probably you bring much less effect comparing to .. Barak Obama, or .. i don’t know.. Putin.. but once you (me/anybody) lead a divisive life how could we say we are not responsible?

    It’s not a theory, something inside me sees that i am responsible.

  4. Thank you for the comments, George, but I make no special claim to be anything in particular. Everything that I observe in others is also ‘in me’. Or better to say it is all one movement, manifested in all brains. This, I feel, is part of what it means ‘to be the world’.

    There are two somewhat different meanings to the word ‘responsible’, is there not? One, it means ‘i have caused this’. Two, it means I feel a strong movement to respond adequately, to do what I can, to solve the problem as much as is possible. In your last sentence, which meaning did you intend? Or maybe both.

    with affection

  5. If i am allowed to say that, Clive, either i bring about division or not. We may feel that we ‘ve done nothing wrong regarding the chaos in France, but this would be a fragmented approach.. i take one small piece of the whole and i justify my innosence, while i can’t find a direct connection between me and that fact.. wouldn’t you agree on that?

  6. Hi George,

    Sorry for the somewhat lengthy delay in replying, energy has been going into the new forum, as you might have seen there.

    Yes, it is certainly true that our perception is fragmented, which is a great limitation, and brings about violence and great mischief. And sorrow of course.

    I am still inquiring into my relationship with the horrors of the word; exactly how I am responsible for them. You did not reply to the question on my previous mail – which meaning do you put on the word ‘responsible’?


  7. Hello Clive, bravo for the new forum and thanks for being so polite and calm when discussing. This is such a rare case even in kinfonet.

    My previous answer was implying that once i bring about division, i am responsible for the whole mess (including the chaos in Paris). Someone could intellectually approach it and say “it’s not obvious that i am responsible for a specific tragedy”.. obviously i can’t prove how me bringing division could lead to the atrocity in Paris, i am not implying i know what is the exact connection, but to me its clear i am responsible..

    .. to put it in different words, we must ask ourselves honestly whether we are responsible for all the chaos in humanity. Probably the answer will be much more clear than every intellectual argumentation.

  8. You have raised the issues quite well, George. It is worth deliberating on these. It needs deep perception and real courage to say that I am responsible for all the chaos and disorder in the human community. Even if the human person that I am has not perpetrated the acts of cruelty I have added to the act through my thinking that I am an American or British or Indian or Greek, a Christian, an Islam or a Hindu etc etc. My divisive thinking has certainly impacted the universal thinking and the crisis, the cruelty has materialized. So, it is definitely a fact that I AM RESPONSIBLE for what has happened and what has been happening.

  9. This is what i am implying.. even when i think i am greek, or clever or when i think someone is cunning, another is so shallow etc etc i am impacting the whole world.

  10. Hi George, and others

    I certainly have no wish to enter into argument with you, or anyone, and I am not denying what you say. But I am not going to pretend that I fully understand when that is not the case. If each thought realised that it was ‘responsible’ for the world, it seems that would have a deep, fundamental impact on “my consciousness”. Although the implication is that there is no “my consciousness”, only the consciousness of mankind.

    You still have not given an answer to the question that I have asked twice. I will try repeating it here:

    “There are two somewhat different meanings to the word ‘responsible’, is there not? One, it means ‘i have caused this’. Two, it means I feel a strong movement to respond adequately, to do what I can, to solve the problem as much as is possible. In your last sentence, which meaning did you intend? Or maybe both.”

    Finally, looking at your last mail, most of the common identifications – of religion, race, nationality, politics, etc, have dropped away from me (not by some conscious act, but naturally, easily, by seeing the implications of such identification. So I have no concept of belonging to any nation. Does this mean that I am no longer responsible for nationalistic divisions and war?


  11. Clive, glad that you have responded to George’s post with a lot of sanity and sensitivity. Like you I too have shed all conditioned claims to nationality, religion, caste, colour, language etc. I clearly understand myself as a human being inhabiting the planet Earth, like any other human being. I think there lies the real solution to all the maladies of human society. You have raised the question of taking upon oneself the responsibility for the chaos, disorder, brutalities in the human society. K has made a very clear exposition in this respect in the IVth chapter of The First and the Last Freedom. If you may go through it you will have no doubt whatsoever as to how I AM RESPONSIBLE , in a very subtle way though, for all these. Regards and thanks: Kumar

  12. Thank you for the response, Kumar, and I will read the reference you mention.

    Yes, if I am not responsible for the world, then who is?, one must ask. Of course the common answer is in terms of “goodies” and “baddies” – with the implication if everyone behaved like ‘me’ then the world would be a good place.

    May I take this opportunity to invite you to the forum that I have recently created as moderator, as George mentioned. It is at:

    warm regards

  13. Clive, Kumar you are so calm debaters (hope this is the right word – my english are really poor). Thank you for that.

    I have to say a few things on the example about nationalism.. you may not carry the burden of nationalism but if you carry other identifications like “being jealous” “not accepting to to be treated violently” or “all we need is love” etc.. carrying a few identifications/images/ideas and not carrying others doesn’t mean we are not responsible for the division..

    oh, something is coming.. if we don’t separate the discussion in topics like “the problem of nationalism” “the problem of racism” “the fear for a world war” etc and we just see the root of all them, which is division, things get much clear.

    Either we follow a few (more or less) identifications and we are responsible for division or not so we are totally not responsible. Is this notice any helpful?

    In any case we don’t need to agree or disagree.. we are carefully listening one each other with affection and probably the truth or falseness of our sayings will appear sooner or later!

  14. Thank you for your continued comments, George. It is certainly a deep and crucial issue. I, and others, are pursuing the discussion on the “Quiet place” forum. Sometimes there is frustration that I cannot see into the question more deeply. You are right, the essence of the issue is creating division, and that is exactly what the self does – or rather it is what it IS.

    You wrote: ” but to me its clear i am responsible..” If it is clear to you, can you communicate this clarity?


    • The approach that best communicates this clarity is what i mentioned about division..

      .. probably this will bring an insight later quite unexpectedly, probably not.

      Many Thanks Clive

      PS: Does the Quiet Place forum works good? I am hesitate to post there, i am posting my questions in the General Discussion forum.. would you allow me to publish them in the Quiet Place?

  15. After banning a couple of people who it seemed could not stop insulting others (or it may have been one person) the forum I think is running very well. There are some concerned, serious individuals, who show a concern for each other and at times there are very insightful comments. Entry is now by invitation only.

    I was wondering why you had not yet commented, and I would be delighted if you would.


    • I will comment there pretty soon.. i am searching for a quiet place with no sarcasm, aggression, insults. Affection and care will unfold many insights, i am sure for that.

      So we will be in contact! Many thanks

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  17. to condemn this horror is also an escape…but Jorge,I live 10km from Belgium and I follow many times the political debates there, There is constant conflict, not dialogues…Belgium is so a little country,they divide this country in Flanders and Walloon;there are 3 Governments..every Politician has ideas,opinions etc. So there is 24 hours conflicts and problems…also there are the beliefs,the Nationalities etc. so Idendifying with these things is division,out of that conflicts,attacks etc….only through negation we can come to the positive..It’s only THIS my friend….

  18. All these horrifying acts of terrorism being perpetrated all over the world point to one and only one reality of which no one seems to be aware and serious. No one digs into the root of things. We all keep glorifying, feeding, nurturing the very thing we ought to root out. That is NATIONALISM, RACISM, RELIGION. By the accident of my birth I am called an Indian, a Hindu, a Brahmin. If I cling to this, aren’t I breeding hatred, anger, vengeance, violence through division and factionalism? So, undoubtedly, every one of us is responsible for all that is happening all over the world.

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