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To do something for the joy of it

0 joy
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People (including the writer) are used to do something driven by the desire to achieve an upper goal.. its very rare that someone does something for the joy of it, with no motives hidden behind that. This is a habitual approach to life for most of us, is it not?

People have yoga in order to achieve an attractive figure instead of having yoga because they enjoy this delicate art. They approach other people in order for socialization, for avoiding the sense of loneliness, instead of just approaching people for the joy of relating. Continue reading →

Is grief for the loss of a closed one an action of love or its just self pity?

86 the-art-of-dying
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A few months ago the writer had an insight on death.. actually it was an insight on living and dying. The writer found that to live is to die. Today, after an incident that happened, I would like to delve into this intense pain and grieving that is following the death of a beloved one. There is a common belief that we grieve for the one we used to love and is now dead. We will show this is not the case, that this grieving has nothing to do with love! Continue reading →

Is Psychotherapy capable to Heal?

13 psychotherapy
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In the previous diary i investigated whether Time is capable of healing psychological hurt. The following discussion was quite interesting. Many people insisted that some manifestations of Time may heal. So others said people need to do intellectual work with themselves, others claimed that Analysis of the experience of the hurt may heal, others said that gradual forgotting of the hurt (by means of time) could cure and also many supported the idea that psychotherapy is the solution. We delved deeply in this last issue: Whether Psychotherapy is capable to heal! Continue reading →

Does Time really heal wounds?

28 time-heals
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There is a common belief that Time is a wound healer. For many many years this was the mechanism i was using to face psychological wound.  We’ve previously found here that beliefs, opinions have very limited meaning and they have nothing to do with Truth. So let’s find if there is any truth in this statement.. is Time a wound healer? Notice that we refer to Psychological wound/hurt. Continue reading →

Is it possible that a relationship is always anew?

9 boredom
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People have accepted that all relationships flower for a little period where there is excitement, pleasure, mutual interest, fun, joy, care, tenderness, sexual or not sexual passion and then boredom arises. Or they struggle in order to keep the relationship exciting, by seeking new pleasures, new habits, new experiences. So they plan a trip every now and then in order to renew a relationship, they buy a new house or a new fancy car. Continue reading →

Why do we run?

7 running
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We run.. we are in a hurry.. we run to catch the bus, or a deadline.. we run in order to be on time for a coffee rendezvous.. we eat our breakfast while we are watching a TV show, we are driving while we listen to music, we watch a cinema movie while eating popcorn and a refreshment. We avoid having a walk when its possible to get from one place to another sooner by means of public transport. Its a sunny day and we have the opportunity of enjoying a great bike ride and we decide to push ourselves in order to combine the ride with some aerobial exercise, we are doing a job task while having an important phone call in order to arrange another task.. we are cooking mechanically, trying to finish the cooking process as soon as possible! We are running.. we are trying to complete as many tasks as possible in the minimum of time. All these is not a silly idea of the writer, its a fact. See it! Continue reading →