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Is the selfish gene really selfish?

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Many of you have heard of this famous book by Biologist Richard Dawkins called “The Selfish Gene”. This is a book that tries to describe the process of evolution in simple words, implying (I think) that the basis of biological evolution is the genes . I didn’t read the whole book but there was a part in the very beginning of the book that was incredibly interesting and it leads, i think to the question of the title.. is the Selfish Gene really selfish? Continue reading →

How illusion comes into being? Illusion and Self Illusion

2 illusion
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Most people think that their reality is true. A few others intellectually recognize whatever they experience is mostly Illusion! The writer would like to delve into this problem of Illusion and probably raise a few questions for discussion.. The readers could do exactly the same, putting aside all preconceived ideas, opinions they have about Life.

In a previous diary we referred to a scientifically proved fact that our body senses are naturally limited, partial (for example eyes see only in a very limited part of frequencies). Continue reading →

The Meaning of Life vol. The River

73 meaning-of-life
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There was a Guru in Andes who was supposed to know the meaning of life.. Rumors for his wisdom and for his sacred knowledge reached India.. a young Indian who was passionately searching for the meaning of life by following several meditative techniques, practicing all day with no great results decided to travel from India to Andes in order to find the wise old man.. once he got to the guru’s cave he was completely excited, so without even saying hi he got to the purpose of his visit: Continue reading →

Is there anything beyond the opposites?

18 opposites
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There was a discussion, a few days ago, about the potential of intellect/thought to bring about authentic awareness. While it seems not related, this discussion somehow lead to an insight on the nature of the opposites and naturally answered this question: “Is there anything beyond the opposites?

The first question that comes in mind is whether its possible for awareness to happen if thought is active. If we carefully inquire into that we will realize that once the thought and the rest of the intellectual processes are active its impossible for effortless, passive observation/awareness to takes place. Continue reading →

Dialogue: Are we totally Responsible for the inner and outer Chaos?

16 responsibility
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We had a conversation the other day, below this diary regarding the tragedy in Paris which took many days in order to be completed and i would like to share it because I think it shows clearly  that we are directly and totally responsible for the chaos we experience everyday.

The dialogue between me and Clive is quite long (you can read it in the end of the diary i mentioned above).. we were discussing about the meaning of responsibility, trying at the same moment to locate whether we are responsible regarding such atrocities like the one that happened in Paris.   I’m just placing here the last part of the dialogue: Continue reading →

Can lack of awareness deteriorate physical disease?

0 disease-and-awareness
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The writer wonders whether we ever observe the movement of thought once in a situation of pain, disease. Looking around us we see that pain, health complications, diseases, are usually a source of stress, anxiety and when a health issue is really dangerous it brings vast sorrow. I would like to investigate whether there is a positive feedback between the luck of awareness and the intensity of disease, of pain. Some will say, “oh stop with these silly metaphysics”.. I doubt if this is a question that has anything to do with mysterious forces or something like that. Let’s find out. Continue reading →

#PrayforParis – Humans die everywhere – what should we do?

27 paris
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Friday, 10.25 pm .. a new death of a 3-year-old refugee was just announced. A heartless smuggler decided to throw the child to the sea in order to escape from the local authorities. Saturday, 00.45 am .. a new terror is rising, terrorists attack Paris. This diary is  written to investigate if there is a holistic action after such an atrocity? I don’t imply action of authorities, politicians.. i say about you and me, the whole humanity that looks dazed, numb after this shock.

To be honest, i have no idea what is a holistic action, an action that doesn’t perpetuate the whole drama, the whole insanity and brutality, an action that doesn’t divide us. So true answer is i don’t know if there is such an action but i want to explore, to find out. Continue reading →

Does fear exist outside of time?

2 fear
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An FB friend called Poly wrote a post where she was investigating the phenonemon of fear. Poly was suggesting that management of fear is a good strategy. This phrase caught my attention and led to a conversation about fear. Many interesting perceptions revealed and i would like to delve again now into this problem of fear.

Let’s investigate together as friends that are strongly concerned with such a serious issue, with no ideas or preconceived opinions on fear. First of all we should ask..  What is fear? Isn’t fear connected with danger? There is a danger and it seems that once i see this danger the brain works and creates this emotion of fear. It seems fear is not seperate from thought, it seems like fear is thought, isn’t it? To further proceed we should (use the necessarily dualistic tool of the language and) distinguish 2 “types” of danger: the true and the imaginery dangers. Continue reading →

What is the significance of Revolt and Protest

0 revolt
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The other day the writer had conversations regarding the suffering of refugees and the rights of homosexuals.. in both cases the other person was insisting rights have to be claimed, protest has to be done, pressure should be applied on the governing structures. The question the writer raises is whether all such violent movements that focus in achieving an outer goal/change make any sense at all. In first sight probably this question looks silly but is it so?

Let’s not focus on the specific, on the refugees or homosexuals issues and rights. Let’s try to see the whole picture.. the question is whether revolt or protest do work at all. Continue reading →

How do memories work?

0 memories
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The writer is very interested on how memories work because he feels the root of people suffering is the Past (in other words the Time). It seems the past has the capacity to affect us in the psychological field by means of memories, hasn’t it?

So how does the physical brain work?

I have some quite superficial knowledge on how memories work physically. It seems that there is an unconscious recording of experiences in the form of memories which doesn’t stop while the organism is alive. Continue reading →