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On education: Are titles like “teacher” and “student” any necessary?

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The previous diary was about whether compulsion is any necessary in education! This diary was followed by dozens of comments in social media and made other questions appear.. one of the most important was whether there is such thing as a teacher and a student? Whether such hierarchy is necessary.. or maybe its destructive.

So let’s say that there is a school. No matter what the outer rules are, what the curriculum demands, two people enter the classroom. One is called Teacher, the other is called Student. Continue reading →

On education: Is compulsion necessary at all?

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We spent 2 days and 2 nights at Brockwood Park School, a school established by Krishnamurti to see how such an educational structure (established by someone who said that complusion leads nowhere) works. A few words for Brockwood Park School.. you can find it in the English countryside, almost 2 hours from London, very close to the town of Petersfield. This place is probably the most beautiful i’ve ever been.. a sense of peace can be felt in the atmosphere while taking the road to the hill where Brockwood Parks is located, next to a field where sheep were eating grass, in the shadow of gigantic trees.

The reason for writing this diary is to investigate whether compulsion, authorities, rules, cultivating ideals, stereotypes and habits are necessary at all on children education. Or maybe they are completely destructive. Continue reading →

The mystery of sleep – Touching the untouchable

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A video is the main subject of this diary.. i’ve seen this video in Manolis Kritikos timeline, on Facebook and though there are neither English nor Greek subs (only italian) i was able to watch it. It’s an extract from a discussion of the 76-year-old Jiddu Krishnamurti (aka K) with a small group of people in Malibu California on 29.09.1970. The beauty of  this 25-minute extract has not only to do with the topic of the discussion but also with the marvellous passion, care, compassion and love K is showing. Such a passion to delve along with the rest of the debaters into the mystery of sleep. K has investigated almost all aspects of human life, he has courageously examined, along with long time open minded friends like Dr. D. Bohm the deeper layers of human consciousness, but according to Manolis something very important is shared here which is not recorded in any of K’s Books: touching the untouchable

The discussion starts with a question about sleep: what is sleep, apart from the physical part of the body relaxation. Continue reading →

The pebble and the ant – Why do we search at all?

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A friend of mine had this question a few days ago. She asked me why i am so excited with investigating everything? Why i am so interested in every conversation to find, to explore.  She implied that egotistic, ambitious motives are necessarily hidden below such movement.

Then came to mind a simple example.. There is a pebble and i am willing to find what lies below it. There are two approaches. The first is for some reason I believe that below that pebble there is an ant, so i lift it in order to confirm there is actually an ant below. Continue reading →

Is election a corruptive process?

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Elections is something common in Greece especially during the last 2 years.. on September 20 we will have again a new elective process. At this point it seems we should ask an important question: Should we participate in such a process or not? Or even better, we should ask whether its possible by means of a process of election to bring something radically.. good.. or if such process is necessarily corruptive.

How should we delve into this problem.. It feels that first we need to empty our minds, reject all ideas about elections, all stereotypes, traditional ideals, or preconceived opinions. Or else we just struggle to confirm our opinion which has no importance/value at all. Continue reading →

A child drowns – Searching for a total action

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So a refugee child drowned, among thousand others, the photo of his dead body became viral and people get shocked. Shock brings about several reactions. We get emotional, we feel disappointed, we cry, we get angry, condemn society, humanity, blame politicians, or we rush to help refugees, motivated by remorse. We also imagine our beloved ones were in the position of this boy and from this uncomfortable image we react. Or we accept this insanity as inevitable, we justify it, saying there is nothing we can do. Or we become irrationaly cruel and say “they should fight for their nation, why do they leave?”. Or we feel depressed and say “i don’t have the energy to do anything”. Or we get trapped in thoughts and try to pre-measure whether our support would fix the whole problem, or if it would make any radical difference – the answer is never positive so again action ceases. Or we have this guilty feeling that we have to do something and we try to find the easiest thing to do, in order to relieve guilt, so we just share the photo of the drown child online. That’s the reaction to this shock. Isn’t it?

So most of us don’t do anything and if we do something, this is very limited.. let’s say we help refugees not because we see the urgency of supporting them, but because we made this unpleasant thought “if my child was in the position of this poor boy”? We bring them water to drink and the very next moment we sink to our best interest, our beliefs, our cozy ideologies which are actually the core of the whole conflict. This will obviously not lead anywhere. Continue reading →

Are Opinions really necessary?

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The other day i read this:

To see facts without opinion is one thing, but to have opinions about facts is totally another. It is one thing just to see the fact that a whole people are caught in superstition, but quite another to see that fact and condemn it. Opinions are not important, because I will have one opinion, you will have another, and a third person will have still another. To be concerned with opinions is a stupid form of thinking. What is important is to see facts as they are without opinion, without judging, without comparing.

Before this text appear, i was having several conversations regarding the importance and necessity of opinions. And the findings of these conversations were quite interesting. Surprisingly it seems that opinions are not important at all. In addition it seems that opinions are be also a destructive factor that put obstacles in the flow of life! So i think we should ask ourselves this question about opinions. Is opinion necessary or, on the contrary, it may cause chaos and conflict? Continue reading →

When Slapping a Refugee brings about an insight on Violence

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Are you aware of the huge wave of refugees from Pakistan, Syria etc that are trying to escape to Europe with a stopover in Greece (and many unlucky victims that are drowned everyday)? Recently an incident took place in Kos Island. A policeman slapped and used a knife to threaten a Pakistani refugee. This brought about huge outcry (by anti-racists) against the racistic behavior of the policeman and this caused a new reaction from racists who feel we are in danger because of the refugees. They remind of the raping of a young girl called Myrto by another Pakistani refugee and they somehow equate these two incidents.. What is hidden behind this chain of reactions? What is the core of this mess? Isn’t it what we call violence?

In nature there is violence.. a lion kills a deer in order to eat. This violence is necessary and its essentially.. life. We are not talking about this kind of violence here.. we are talking of a totally not necessary violence, which we could call “psychological violence”. Continue reading →

To Live is to Die

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Yesterday I described a very intense death dream! I would like to delve into something that seems to be the scariest fear of man. The fear of death.

First would we agree the fear of death is not death? The ideas of death are not the actual death. The thoughts about death are not death. Can we investigate – out of the field of thought – the fact of death? May we look at this issue without preconceived ideas, stereotypes, traditional ideas etc? Continue reading →

#ThisIsACoup – Which is the core of this mess?

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For those of you that don’t know me, I am Greek and as I mentioned in a previous post, i denied the whole brutal game with the Greferendum (the reasons for that can be read right here). For almost 20 days my compatriots are facing confusing, torturous, terrorizing dillemmas! They fight hard to find which is the best option for them, for the country, they try to find solutions in order to prepare for what will happen, they face fear 247. And then came the 12th of July, which is best described by this hashtag: #ThisIsACoup! Continue reading →