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What is Spontaneity?

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Many people interested in observing their inner world are suffering from this feeling of living a mechanical life, they feel they’ve lost the potential to be spontaneous. I think it’s quite important to examine what actually spontaneity is.. or even better.. what is not a “spontaneous action”!

Acting according to a motive, according to a thought, an ideal, a stereotype, can’t be a spontaneous action.. Continue reading →

What is Intelligence?

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I feel i need to somehow create a code that will make it easy for me to communicate what is found in my mind. Lets be realistic. Words is all we have (especially behind our monitors) in order to communicate. And words are symbols, symbols of a thing.. but we need to be careful.. the word is not the thing, the description is never the described. We should take into consideration that words are only symbols.

Having said that, i will try to describe what i mean by using the word “intelligence”. Checking online the etymology and meaning of the word intelligence i’ve found several meanings like “intellect, mind, brain, reasoning, understanding, comprehension, insight, perceptiveness, alertness” and many others which make it clear there is not a clear symbolism connected with the word intelligence. Continue reading →

When is Thought necessary?

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It’s a matter i was thinking of lately and then came an interesting article found at, a translation of a Rupert Spira‘s speach. Spira is a professional potter and also a “spiritual” writer (according to wiki). In this speach Spira described the 3 types of thought that are quite necessary and definitely make sense.. i won’t copy Spira’s words, i will give my own dimension on the matter, which i think it meets Spira’s view -though i am not quite sure-:

  •  Let’s say it’s a rainy day and i have to walk in order to go somewhere.. Continue reading →

Is there Psychological Right or Wrong at all?

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Today it was a music jamming day.. this is something we are experimenting on during the last 8 months with unexpected, surprising effects. But I will speak about that in another post. What happened today? We started playing but nothing was working fine.. I was feeling our bassist, Mimis was continuously getting out of the tempo. To keep the right tempo I was hitting my right foot down, at the same moment Ageliki, our percussionist, was trying to follow Mimis, Pantelis, the second guitarist didn’t bother with the whole situation and after a few minutes the whole magic disappeared. Continue reading →

Is there a problem outside the field of thought?

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Unexpected things happened a few hours ago.. It was 1.00 am and I was having a chat on FB.. a fellow called Kyriakos posted a text describing how important is the influence of parents to children. We’ve shared many comments and suddenly something strange happened.

Kyriakos: Maths put mind in order and make you realize that simple rational thought is the only solution for a problem.

George: I’m confused because.. ..I do see simple rational thought is the only way to solve a problem but the question is if there is no thought at all are there any problems at all? And if there are no problems we don’t even need thought, rational or neurotic. Continue reading →