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A River that knew how to teach our children well

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The other day found me in a scenery that words can’t describe. There was a river and my friend and I stopped in its bank to eat something and enjoy what was around.. There was the sound of the water, the singing of the birds, the clumsy “speaking” of ducks..  and also there was a bridge, a green canvas and the chilling shadows of a huge walnut tree (i must say it was an extremely hot day)..

.. and then appeared the mother, the grandmother and the child. Mother was screaming “be careful, don’t get close to the river, oh my god i am so afraid“, grandmother was swearing “god dammit when at last we will be able to enjoy a peaceful moment” (oops the authorities are back) and the child was approaching the bank while throwing sticks on the water. Mother’s screaming became almost paranoid, grandmother’s anger was now evident in the hate expressions of her face and the child seemed to completely ignore them. Mother, in a burst of exasperation rushed and grabbed the carefree child, grandmother followed here while grumbling “fuck, now we will lose the opportunity to chill, we will burn in the sun” and the angry procession disappeared in moments.

A few minutes later happy voices of other children filled the air.. the children removed their clothes and dived in the peaceful, shallow water of the river.. in a matter of 2′ minutes 6 children were enjoying their swimming and diving. So much joy, so much innocence, no second thought, no fear at all.. the children knew that they could dive in these shallow waters without putting themselves in danger and they were just enjoying the cool water. Then came the aunt.. the aunt was a rather fatty, smiling blonde lady that was approaching the water rather hesitatingly because of the cold water, but she couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.. the children were excited with her arrival, they were encouraging her to dive while at the same moment they were trying to hug her.. till the moment we left  the aunt and the children were joyfully playing with the water, there was only smiling, laughing, diving, no sense of authority, she was a source of joy for them and they were a source of joy for her, they became all one..

.. in this ecstatic moment, so many things became clear..! How possibly a river would know how to teach our children well?



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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