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What is Spontaneity?

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Many people interested in observing their inner world are suffering from this feeling of living a mechanical life, they feel they’ve lost the potential to be spontaneous. I think it’s quite important to examine what actually spontaneity is.. or even better.. what is not a “spontaneous action”!

Acting according to a motive, according to a thought, an ideal, a stereotype, can’t be a spontaneous action..

would you agree on that? It’s rather obvious that this is simply a reaction to the thought/ideal etc (that has nothing to do with spontaneity). At this point we need to notice that thought is able to take place in a matter of miliseconds, making reaction born of thought look like being spontaneous. This is a common misconception because of the enormous speed of thought. So to instantly react has nothing to do with spontaneity. It’s still a reaction even if it takes hours to manifest itself, or a few miliseconds. So it becomes clear that spontaneity has nothing to do with that.. but is there space for spontaneous action? It seems to be rather obvious that when thoughts/motives/ideals (which are all actually the same movement, are all born of the same root, the Ego) cease, spontaneity inevitably takes place.

A few hours ago i read this message in my FB timeline:

There is a voice inside us, very familiar, as a thinker that is never questioning himself. This thinker is the self, the ego, and there is consistency, a sense of integrity not separate from thinking. All the thinking is towards a successful adjustment to society, for reasons of survival and companionship. All the goods are considered to be outside. To come in contact with others , I have to say something , to talk, to be funny. This attempt to communicate is not out of calmness. It is out of a motive. To be pleasant, interesting. The more one is becoming conscious (of this movement) the less is identified with thoughts. Identification is giving a sense of spontaneity. Be aware of the process of thinking, of what I am doing, I am losing spontaneity. So , better not know much about myself because watching what I am doing , I am feeling rigid, not moving freely. Thought is making me forget my self, not be a watcher, not questioning anything. I am considering thinking , to be a mystery of life. Be lost in the thinking is giving me a sense of being alive. Not be self aware…..Be lost…Because my presence is a boring thing, a prison of heart.

Which made me write the following comment:

couldn’t use better words.. and this sense of spontaneity.. so false! When you question/observe reactions (which are thinking) you think you lose spontaneity, but reactions are never spontaneous.. Of course there is always the trap to analyze instead of observing.. if you analyze thought, its thought that analyzes itself which is absurd. So we need to be careful..

..to be careful not to analyze reactions, just to observe them, silently, passively, non verbally. Or else it’s a new wave of reactions, which makes inner chaos more intense.

Would you agree?



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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