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The art of Seeing vol. Complete neutrality

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The seeing is completely neutral, completely non involved to the happenings. If one is , so, totally non identified with what is observed, the observed is not touching heart, one is totally unaffected, psychologically, by any problem. In practical level we are doing what we can do to resolve any problem, but psychologically we must feel the importance of not depending psychologically on the solution or not of any problem. We are in a state of expecting nothing to happen. Then there is a seeing of the totality of life, not depending on anything. The seeing is the ocean and psychological problems are the rivers that cannot influence the purity and the integrity of the ocean. The ocean is not concentrated to each river .

The total seeing is purifying the river, not be a problem any more. When there is a deep feeling that we are missing something , the seeing is not pure. It is the observer, depending on the problem and child of the problem that is trying to keep the sense of the lacking of something , depending on it, and not be annoyed by remembering it….. So there is complete identification with the problem , unable to step by and watch. The invested interest to objects, ideas, desires, has to be detached. Then the seeing is detachment.

The seeing is detachment because as it is happening one is experiencing a blessing state of freedom and joy without cause. So, one is understanding the Wright place of any problem, never make it psychological….

As one is listening , one is understanding . This understanding is opening the way to the pure seeing, and the pure seeing is the understanding. …..



Manolis Kritikos

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