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The Flowering of Thoughts and the Light of Awareness

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floweringManolis Kritikos wrote:

October 10 at 8:33pm

The not knowing is the allowing. As anything is entering in consciousness, there must be absolutely no action upon it, means the flowering is happening in passivenes. We, intentionally , neither we are helping anything to flower nor we are avoiding flowering. As the flowering is happening there is an entering in the heart of the thoughts . For this to happen , there must be identification with the flowering , that means that we must be completely absorbed by the incident, by the remembrances. Being absorbed there must be an unvoluntary focusing on what has the rush to come. Anything that has the rush to come, is free to come, there has to be no suppression upon anything. But as the flowering is evolving, the moment there is awareness of it, there is a light on it.

The seeing is ending the flowering. Everything is happening under the light of awareness but awareness immediately is acting upon the flowering , cleaning it, eliminating it. Under complete attention there is not flowering. What has the power to break attention, is coming uninvited , and momentarily , in a state of inattention, it is evolving. Being aware of it, not making any intentional movements of accepting or rejecting , or encouraging it to say more, to provoke more intense feelings,(for our own good…..), the flowering by its own ,without any obstacle, or encouragement, is ending , (because inattention is becoming attention ).



Manolis Kritikos

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