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The importance of watching in peace

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Manolis Kritikos writes:

September 27 at 12:56am

What am I doing each moment? I must know , and there is no other way than watching. The watching is not made by a center, the me, but the me, feeling totally safe and by not moving, there is awareness, observation, not directed by the desire to have a result. So , whatever is happening, is happening in deep peace, and there is given to nothing special value to be focused selectively on it. Though the thinking is keeping on , moved by deeper layers, intentions, the clarity ,intelligence of the mind, is timeless, it is happening, it is our presence.

Being conscious , we are also intelligent. One is not conscious when one is aiming to have a result. Then , there is agony, impatience, contradiction with what is happening. If there is no contradiction, there is peace and out of this peace there is clarity. As the thinking is moved, we are not wiped out by thinking being identified with it, means giving importance to it. Instantly we are knowing what we are doing, this is enough, the silent knowing that is happening though we are participating to thinking with part of our attention, that is moved blindly , means by hidden motives, intentions. Expressing a conscious interest to thinking , thinking by observing it , wanting something of it , thinking is keeping on, blindly, searching for solutions though we are knowing that attention is not a result of understanding some hidden meanings , unknown to us.

A problem that is arising to some, is the questioning of their ability to understand , to know, to be present. They are expecting some other unknown force, entity, to understand. The depth, the subconscious, etc. The understanding is happening when we are present, when we are knowing what we are doing. This knowing is timeless and we are knowing it. The ego as a center , wanting to be present, is absent . The presence of ego is out of concentration , not to be wiped out by thoughts. When whatever is happening , is happening in peace, without be annoyed by it, we are effortlessly present , and out of this presence there is attention, there is intelligence . So , not be convinced that we are missing something. …..There is no seeking without us, be identified with it, though we are knowing that it is vane.



Manolis Kritikos

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