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The light of awareness is not of the observer

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September 1 at 8:25pm

The difference between awareness and be aware that you are aware, is , like the difference between cheese and chalk. Be aware means that someone is observing awareness. Awareness is the knowing, not me, by observing, I am aware. So, there is no needed any effort. There is effortless awareness, perception, by not doing anything. The trying to be aware, to observe awareness, is the noise.

September 1 at 10:09pm

Most of the time one is inattentive. Trying to be attentive is distraction. Awareness in its passivity is transforming inattention to attention. Whatever I am doing to be passive, to permit awareness to be happening ,-in complete non involvement-, is involvement, a care, an effort. Attention is effortless, not directed , and if not directed, it is not centered, that’s why complete attention is attention of the whole, without boundaries. The trying to be attentive , attention is divided , and mostly there is a focusing to the observer, to be aware, and the observer , being non existent, is maintaining distraction.

The light of awareness is not of the observer. So , the seeing , attention, is not focused on the observer , as well as , to anything. The observer is seen in awareness, and as it is lightened , it is dissolved without us aiming on it, as another super observer. So, the taking care of the attention is distraction. So, the moment we are realising that our interest to be attentive is awakened, there is not given to it any importance. The giving importance , attachment to attention , and clinging to it, is exhausting us, is perpetuating inattention. So, not have the agony to be awaken, the moment we are realising that we are interfering, we are leaving it, we are out of it , means we have not the feeling that we are maintaining awareness, attention. That would be a distraction, being aware that we are aware. …



Manolis Kritikos

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