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The Meaning of Life vol. The River

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There was a Guru in Andes who was supposed to know the meaning of life.. Rumors for his wisdom and for his sacred knowledge reached India.. a young Indian who was passionately searching for the meaning of life by following several meditative techniques, practicing all day with no great results decided to travel from India to Andes in order to find the wise old man.. once he got to the guru’s cave he was completely excited, so without even saying hi he got to the purpose of his visit:

  • I: Please show me the meaning of life
  • G (in a deep, steady tone): You are rather rude little boy.. To show you the meaning of life you must bring me the hilarious golden oyster found in the deepest point of the Atlantic Οcean!
  • I (quite excited): You bet i will

Τhe Indian works hard to find and get this oyster and unexpectedly he succeeds.. he goes back to the wise Guru

  • I (impatiently): Here it is.. now come on.. show me the meaning of life!!
  • G (in a deep, steady tone): Patience is a gift, it wouldn’t be that easy silly boy.. now you must locate the silver horn of the white monoceros that is living in the 7th peak of Mount Everest.. its a bit hard but I’m sure you will do it!
  • I (a bit frustrated): phhhh.. guess there is no choice, right? So i will do it!

The new adventure for the little Indian was rather painful, but surprisingly he locates the monoceros and after a big fight he succeeds to cut his horn! Totally excited but completely exhausted he returns to the guru’s cave..

  • I (in triumphal mood): Here is the horn.. so I think it’s about time to reveal your sacred secret?
  • G (in a deep, steady tone): There is one more thing you need to do and then I promise I will reveal the meeeaaaning of liiiiiife.. you have to bring this fancy bronze edelweiss from a mountain in Transylvania.. then your quest will reach to an end..
  • I (totally upset): This is bullshit.. oooh this is unacceptable.. such a blackmail.. so no choice i guess.. though you completely piss me off, you wise Guru, I will bring it to you pretty soon!

.. this last quest was the toughest.. the little Indian had many dangerous experiences before he was able to get this bronze edelweiss.. but again he did it.. so he gets back.. in a state of total dissolution

  • I (with an exhausted voice): I completed all tasks.. now what..?
  • G (in a deep and steady voice tone): Son, it’s about time to reveal you the meaning of life.. soo….. the meaning of life iiiiiis … a river!
  • I (completely puzzled): What? It’s a river?
  • G : Oh, is it not?



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


    • Who can say if there is a meaning in that or not?

      Ι think its a distorted question from the very beginning.. searching for a meaning of life is a neurotic movement altogether! So its sane to abandon any such struggle to locate a meaning of life.. and i think it implies much more than philosophical quests and discussions.. its quite common that we wonder whether what i just did had a meaning .. i think to ask this question leads nowhere.. it brings only confusion.. now if you completely negate this effort, meaning blossoms in every single action

    • Behnam Azad I think its a trap we are falling into all the time.. it’s quite common.. so i am investigating it.. and i find this is a distorted question.. so i am not interested in that anymore.. i negate it..

      .. now you (or somebody else) come and say “probably its not a distorted question”.. so we are sitting together as friends and we are investigating it..

      .. this why i posted it, i think it doesn’t make sense at all to even ask this question. Probably i am wrong so if you feel there is something i miss, please point it out

    • Life has different meaning to different people for example a biologist considers life as something that reproduces and something that takes oxygen like a cell is a living thing and so on . It depends ..

    • I already posted the meaning of life according to my understanding, I don’t know what else can I add. I said love is the meaning of life. And without it we destroy each other as we are doing in the world.

    • i tend to meet your understanding on the meaning of life. which actually means there is no such thing as a meaning of life , life itself is the meaning of life.. which words do we condemn??

  1. No meaning.
    No purpose.
    … Outside of what is projected, and then ‘assigned’ by thought, and which is only a preoccupation of an imaginary entity who is always seeking ‘psychological security’.

  2. ‘Conscious effort’ is the when thought constructs an imaginary entity, and then also projects an illusionary appearance – an object or state, which it attempts to acquire, in order to feel secure (psychological security).
    … Both the entity and its projections are false.

    Just remain Empty and Silently Aware, and only Watch what happens, and let the Spontaneity of Direct Seeing, ‘Do’.

  3. George.. not depend on a guru, on someone that we thinks who knows something that you do not know (authority ), but to look together with someone who sees clearly, to look into a clear mirror.. yes that can indeed be helpful.. although you can only see yourself as you truly are when not only you look in a clear mirror but also when you are just as clear… it is then that mirrors are dropped and there is only what is true..

  4. May i ask then: how is life in the joy of being, when surrounded by the armies and navies of thought, of meaning-making, which strives to shape both one’s practical and psychological life? A government justifying a ceaseless war? A spouse who demands a centre to relate to? Aware or unaware, what we do is what we are…

    • Philip, if i may point this out, to be in a state of love, peace, freedom, isn’t a matter of outer conditions.. if it depends in outer conditions then its not actual love.. wouldn’t you agree on that?

    • Phillip, this is the age-old problem of mistaking the ‘rope’ for a ‘snake’ metaphor; which comes from the habitual Seeing from the perspective of the ‘I-Thought’, and ‘Name and Form’.

      To be free of this perspective, and all its inherent suffering, you must recognize the Substrate, and Directly See the ephemeral nature of all phenomena, noticing the many ‘illusions’ that IT can appear as.

    • Yes, Jorge. I agree. The seeker didn’t fulfil those tasks out of such states, but as a means to an end. Otherwise, he might have been content to sit in the cave like the guru…

    • …who, as Antonio points out, understands the metaphor completely. Yes, if the challenges in this story are the complexiries and difficulties of our world, then it begins in the cave, seeing the habitual perspective…

  5. All these complexities and difficulties only make you look for something where there is no conflict and absolute freedom. But if you are very rich ,healthy, young and also well educated and cunning then you go on expoiting your situation as long as you can … and probably you wake up very late when there is no energy left to inquire for freedom.

  6. I am Alive, its funny what all went into being me, 14 billion years of explosions, formations, than more explosions, than peace, than evolution, than a few more explosions…than peace, the trees grew green, the waters turned blue, the fish grasped breath from water, the rabbits hoped, the monkeys found fruit. Today the monkey is stressed , he wants more explosions…more, some more than some more…we want meaning we want wisdom we want knowelege, we also want the ultimate bliss…no less. Nothing less will do. We want more, who cares what we got? We like this stress. It is our nature now,

  7. Life is precious as is…let’s value it. Let nature nurture its being. It is not science that we can find some logical meaning, life itself is the meaning of this being.

    • May i ask, Arun, with respect? Accepting what you say about existence, have you found a way to navigate the negotiation of meaning in our society, let’s say in terms of meaningful work? I ask, because my actuality does not match my ‘awareness’ and i feel the dissatisfaction intensely.

    • Philip Davies silence for some time helps the brain very deeply, we heal emotionally. We navigate life a bit more relaxed. We don’t value silence, we feel by understanding our depressions we will heal. Silence realigns my brain positively. Depression is caused by thoughts making me feel left out or missing life, it builds castles in thin air, silence makes me come alive naturally, joy, love and innocence are my inert nature, it helps to be my inner nature rather than the person I become because of my human conditioning. Hope it helps.

  8. Nadia, aligning to Jorg’s original post, those qualities you mention belong to someone who has no interest in the meaning of life other than personal satisfaction of one kind ( your post on Pleasure comes to mind). The seeker in the story pursued the Guru’s challenges, which could metaphorocally be the complexities and difficulties of our world, and the seeker exhausted himself, as a means to his end. Neither can be said to be awake, neither has energy…
    I sense a vacuum round about my own statements, speaking of ‘direct seeing’ and yet being totally bound up in an unsustainable reality, in which action is needed on both psychological AND practical levels… i drive my car, and people say, if i don’t do something different, it will be too late. Anf so, even with awareness concerning time, thought, the centre, what i do is the creation and continuity of meaning at the level of social practises…

  9. society is really only the relationship of oneself with another –
    thinking, being anchored in the past, has only experiences to guide its activity, so from the stored experiences it forms concepts and from these concepts invents two false things, the psychological self and the conditioned world, and lives there, as its limited nature, being anchored in the past, becomes dependent on the false environment of the self and the false environment of the world, the inner and the outer, and this division is conflict, and the best that thought can do is conflict management, which only multiplies the conflict. Observation, pure perception is the one thing that thought cannot organize, and it is through observation that thinking ends its disorderly conduct, it is through observation that intelligence is awakened, to borrow a phrase, and thought’s armies and navies not only recede, but they quit the war

  10. Thank you, Michael Bollman. Yes, it’s clear that the negotiation of meaning in relationship is thought’s attempt to organise, and, given the conflict of division, the best that thought can do in the realm of contrived meaning is conflict management. That just about sums up the generally implicit meaning of ‘relationship’ which positive thinking and platitudes evade, and if not observed as you say, will press to contain, control and direct one.

  11. thinking is really tricky, it’s had a few million years practice in the art of division – it can make the mind old in an instant – and fall into the comfortable trap of judging and condemning what it doesn’t fully understand, as positive thinking and platitudes – such is the world of opinion

  12. and the opposite, making the old mind new is something thinking will never bring about, it can be still, recede, with observation and in that observation which is not shaped by thinking, its possible and quite likely that the world and one’s relationship to it is seen in a new light that can never be shadowed by thought, and then, perhaps, there will be the absolute timeless joy of being :)

    • Just to clarify, Michael, that i hadn’t seen the Rolling Stones vid, nor thought of it whilst writing. But yes, i do hold a judgement on platitudes, just as i know i cannot grow carrots in cement. What you speak of is surely the basis for truly negotiating meaning in our social world. A joy to read your posts.

    • Not exactly what the writing was meant to convey, Philip, although it’s easy to see how thinking can make it seem that way. What is true does not negotiate, what is true does not conform to thinking

    • Hey, Michael. Thanks again. I read you to mean – in truth, there’s no place for the contrivance and negotiation of meaning. This suggest that there is no market place. Yes, this is clearly true on the level of the absolute timeless state. Is it worth considering, seeing what you described concerning thought, that relationship is not reduced to but includes the market place? Should the authorities build a by-pass through our local fields? Or, my partner has ideas about how to spend time which i don’t share. Clearly, without awareness, thought will kill all possibility of mutual being. But there seems to remain a negotiation in time and space. So might what you describe be the BASIS for entering that market place? Or does one actually leave the marketplace all together? The problem is clearly when thought overshadows the timeless state. This is also the case for those narratives and myths which define a people, a race, an organisation – even science. And the realtiy is society, culture and immediate relationships are constantly seeking to author or give shape to what is occuring. Might such joy of being include deep engagement with the world around and in one another free from even the ideals or standards of timelessness? (i shy away from these conversations, because i can’t keep it short, and my ability to dialogue is slow in coming).

    • like in a hollywood movie where everything happens at once and all hell breaks loose, or it’s raining and the sun’s shining, both at the same time, like neither one of them give a damn? well, that makes 3 of us

    • ok, more awake here now, Philip, I’m not sure precisely, or even approximately, what you’re asking me, and I’ve read it through twice, but I probably have no answer to give, anyway, so that’ll save us both time and energy :)

  13. Meaning inherits from meaning, every purpose serves a higher purpose. I looked for the origin of meaning and purpose, and found none. Ergo, no ultimate meaning or purpose. But then I realised my own question was in itself meaningful, and I had the purpose of answering it. Ergo, there is meaning and purpose. :-)

  14. Life is for living , having the joy of living. But since we are not alive , keeping on clinging to past influences, the purpose of life is returning to direct , conscious , living , be an individual , not loosing ourselves diving into the beauty , not loosing our autonomy for the sake of the beauty , as the beauty is not independent of who is observing.

  15. Thought , not be identified with it , has not the power to create division .Thought is becoming the self , as past in operation , be identified with it. As there is initiating the process of not be identified with thought, awareness of the self in operation , the self is absorbed by awareness and awareness is becoming the self , as be consciously aware. Without remembering there is only perfect awareness , non conscious . We are aiming getting closer to perfect awareness consciously.

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