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The pebble and the ant – Why do we search at all?

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A friend of mine had this question a few days ago. She asked me why i am so excited with investigating everything? Why i am so interested in every conversation to find, to explore.  She implied that egotistic, ambitious motives are necessarily hidden below such movement.

Then came to mind a simple example.. There is a pebble and i am willing to find what lies below it. There are two approaches. The first is for some reason I believe that below that pebble there is an ant, so i lift it in order to confirm there is actually an ant below. Obviously there is satisfaction if the lifting of the pebble reveals an ant. If removing the pebble reveals a bee or nothing at all there is necessary some disappointment. A few other possible reactions could include speculations like “I can clearly see the signs of the ant, it seems it just left”, or “Oh my God, it’s obviously a mutant ant, it looks so much like a bee”, or  even more surprisingly “What a cute invisible ant”!

Second approach is I just don’t know.. i just see this pebble and there is an urgency, that can’t be explained, to find what lies below. K. was calling that the flame of discontent and this phrase seems to be a good description for this urgency. Once the pebble is removed there is only joy for getting in contact with what is, no matter whether it is an ant, a bee or nothing at all.

So it could be either the Ego or this Flame of Discontent that make us question everything, investigate, search. The first seems to lead to pleasure, disappointment, speculation, illusions and ignorance. The second just connects us with what is (truth). Now to follow the second road do we see it’s essential that there are no  ideas at all regarding what i am searching for? Which means, no beliefs, no opinions, no ideologies, no stereotypes, .. nothing at all? Can we do this? We need to seriously ask ourselves, because its about our lives.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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