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The pebbles of truth – An insight on attachment

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It was high noon and i was enjoying my swimming! I couldn’t stop smiling for feeling my body so light because of the buoyancy. Then i got out of the water and lay in my towel. Thousands of pebbles came close to my eyes. I looked at one of them and it was so beautiful, so unique, smooth, with unique, colorful patterns. Then i looked at the pebble next to it and it was again a fresh experiencing, the second pebble was so beautiful, so different. That was a common characteristic for both of them, their uniqueness was common! Then i gazed in a larger area and i was surprised with the attack of infinite colors and patterns. Suddenly┬ái looked at the sky above me and the view was rapidly expanding. No words came to mind, or maybe i denied them.. but i don’t think i suppressed them because since that moment everything changed.. but only for a few hours..

I felt my body and mind relaxed, many insights appeared, i started exploring the nature of attachment, how different it is to attach somewhere (in order to feel better, to avoid pain, or because of habit) comparing to just enjoying something you like for some unknown reason. If i drink a beer because this is what i want this very moment, there is no attachment. If i drink a beer in order to feel better, relaxed, or because i use to drink every night then attachment starts evolving. Replace drinking with any other object (smoking, my girlfriend, my parents, the need to be acceptable, to be successful etc) and the view becomes holistic.

So what exactly is attachment? I am not sure I’ve tackled this problem.. to be attached means to need something/someone in order to feel fine? Is that so simple.. what’s wrong with playing tennis because you like it? But what makes playing tennis in order to beat opponents, to improve yourself, to feel important or strong? Isn’t it an obvious attachment? I may have a good time with a friend of mine but when i meet a friend in order to have a good time what is this?

Another illusion or is there any truth on the previous lines? How could I possibly know? Can knowledge, experience, time tell me? Or out-of-time investigation, seeing can answer that? The art of seeing reveals once again it’s amazing features.

And if we’ve really grasped what attachment is, what do we do when attachment visit us? The following vid asks a few questions regarding this, which questions, if answered honestly, can probably lead somewhere.



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