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The source loves to play

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I enjoy to speak with many guys and girls. One of them is my dear Chan Chan (aka double C). Chan Chan wrote the other day something that had a direct impact inside:

“A child covers his face with his hands, and says “I’m hiding, come and find me”, even though the other who is to find him, is there, in the same room. To the child, when it no longer sees anything, nothing else exists. It can not see the body, and perhaps at a young age can not fully imagine it either. When he closes his eyes, the world disappears and so does he. The child in this sense lives in the present. He may not have created an idea of himself too far in to the future, on which he bases his security. When the child removes the hands and sees, he then appears, just as the world and the objects of the world appear. Again, when he covers his eyes, he covers up the world, the world and everything within no longer exists.

It is this, which seems to tell me that whatever this thing is, whatever this source or being “here” is, it loves to play. It loves to marvel at the world, it is in joy and enjoys coming in and out of existence.”



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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