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The Story of the Blacknailed Hand

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A new blacknailed hand was born and there was joy. The hand had no worries. It was playing all the time, laughing, running up and down, enjoying its time with its friends. Someday it noticed two other hands were looking weirdly at its black nail. The hand was surprised but it decided to pay no extra attention and it continued playing carelessly. A few years later it came that night of the huge protest of the non blacknailed hands against the inferior blacknailed hands. This made our blacknailed hand worry more. A feeling of guilt was planted in its heart. Our formerly happy hand was now in confusion, anxious, in a constant struggle to hide its black nail. Even its parents weren’t approving of his black nail, while newspapers were publishing dozens of articles that were justifying scientifically the inferiority and abnormality of black nailed hands.

The psychological pain was huge! The hand tried everything.. it tried to justify that black nails have nothing bad, but still racism against it was intensive and so the pain was. The strategy of hiding the black nail was causing also much irritation and anxiety. So depression came and the pain became even stronger. The hand visited psycologists/psychotherapists with huge experience in blacknail-caused depresssion and they applyied scientific methods to heal pain, but the black nail was still there… the black nail was the core of the problem, so no psychotherapeutic method could provide relief. Only solution was this: To remove the black nailed fingure. But there was a huge trouble. A single hand isn’t capable of mutilating its own finger. What would it do. All these years the hand was used to recruiting its mind in order to relieve itself from the curse of the black nail and all previous mind effort failed. But this could probably work.

The hand read many books by enlightened, spiritual hands that were describing how its possible to make a second hand grow from the back of the hand.. these gurus hands were telling of amazing techniques based on concentration and exercise, which could give life to a second hand that could act upon the black nailed finger. Excited about this new possibility, the hand applied these techniques for months when it first felt something growing on its back! “oh my gosh” said the hand and put even stronger effort on these techniques.. the second hand was rapidly growing, and it was almost able to catch a knife and mutilate the black nailed finger. And then came the crucial moment.. the hand closed its eyes and attacked the finger. The finger was cut, the pain made the hand almost pass out but a crazy pleasure and a sense of superiority filled its whole being. Now the black nail was removed and even better, this hand was among the very few priviledged beings to carry a second hand on their backs.

So, being completely excited, the hand went to find other hands, in a very cool and self confident mood.. but to its surprise, the other hands ran away screaming “oh my god! A black nailed hand is coming, save yourselves”!!


Now lets replace the black nail with jealousy, arrogance, fear, anger etc and see if the story of the black nailed hand sounds any familiar. And how weird, almost insane were the blacknailed hand’s reactions? What would happen if we were directly aware of this insanity in our lives? Wouldn’t we quit such insanity immediately?



Jorge Kapa

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