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#ThisIsACoup – Which is the core of this mess?

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For those of you that don’t know me, I am Greek and as I mentioned in a previous post, i denied the whole brutal game with the Greferendum (the reasons for that can be read right here). For almost 20 days my compatriots are facing confusing, torturous, terrorizing dillemmas! They fight hard to find which is the best option for them, for the country, they try to find solutions in order to prepare for what will happen, they face fear 247. And then came the 12th of July, which is best described by this hashtag: #ThisIsACoup!

The psychological effect of this “coup” (let’s stick to this term for the moment) became quite evident pretty soon. So much despair, national humilation, anger, denial of hopes, anxiety.. such a mess indeed. But what is the core of all that?

Let’s explore! So we are trapped (only those that accept this game psychologically) in a brutal, relentless financial globalization ideology (i will later publish a detailed article on the paranoia of ideologies).. all articles I’ve read describe the bad Germans, the miserable Greeks, the evil Schaeuble, the tortured Tsipras, the corrupted Greek politicians, the tought negotiations etc. So that’s all? Is this the best we can do in such case? To divide the goods and the bads, to blame, to dump responsibilities. Isn’t it this attitude the continuation of what brought Greece and Europe here, isn’t it the continuation of conflict between nations? We are always looking at the surface, the course of events, the negotiations, statements, the political tricks and bluffing etc. Then we analyze, speculate, suggest imaginary solutions etc. But can this attitude bring about actual perception of what’s wrong? Or we need to penetrate deeper?

So what is the real core of this mess?

I wonder whether there are actually “good” or “bad” ideals/ideologies. Isn’t it quite clear that ideologies are ALL based on moving from “what is” to “what should be”.. isn’t it quite essential to totally grasp that the moment an ideology (activism, socialism, nationalism, capitalism, racism, humanism) is born it breeds division: inner division and division among the humans. There is only “what is” and we divide ourselves in an effort to reach “what should be”.. we also seperate Lefts from Rights, Greeks from Germans, racists from humanists, those who vote Yes from those who vote No. etc And what division necessary implies? Conflicting interests, war, pain, sorrow, hunger and death. Can it be different? Please see the core of unhappiness. Don’t fall into the trap of fighting specific “bad” ideologies (let’s say financial absolutism), while at the same moment you accept/promote other ideologies that best fit your needs. Just perceive the insanity of the nature of Ideology. Only a whole perception of reality can bring about whole action.

And if whole action is unable to be communicated, because words are all we have and words are partial, to deny all partial approaches that identify with specific ideologies and reject others, is a rather sane/obvious action. Isn’t it? So we stay completely out of this vicious game, we don’t revolt, don’t blame, don’t protest, don’t identify with ideologies, don’t believe in speculations.. nothing.



Jorge Kapa

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