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To do something for the joy of it

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People (including the writer) are used to do something driven by the desire to achieve an upper goal.. its very rare that someone does something for the joy of it, with no motives hidden behind that. This is a habitual approach to life for most of us, is it not?

People have yoga in order to achieve an attractive figure instead of having yoga because they enjoy this delicate art. They approach other people in order for socialization, for avoiding the sense of loneliness, instead of just approaching people for the joy of relating. They try to give love in order to receive love. They play soccer or tennis in order to win the game and confirm their superiority or in order to improve their physical condition. They meditate so as to achieve extraordinary experiences. People go to work in order to make money. They even have sex because its appropriate to have sex at least twice per week or once per month, or in order to confirm their relationship is still healthy instead of having sex just because there is so much beauty and joy and pleasure in that.

If we look at this phenomenon more carefully we would probably notice its possible that one plays soccer because one enjoys soccer.. or that one meditates for the joy of meditating. Or that one goes for a walk because it is justnice.. yet the Ego won’t lose the opportunity to poison this spontaneous action. The Ego will attach on that action and translate the whole movement in its own terms. So probably I enjoy yoga but once I start having yoga the Ego will create concepts like “oh this is a good method to improve my body, to make it attractive which will soothe my insecurities”.. and it won’t stop here.. it will also create extra concepts like “so I will include a two-times 50-minute yoga sessions in my weekly schedule” or “and I think this work out is really sophisticated, its also rather spiritual, this will give me a sense of superiority”. This way the Ego creates a distorted perception that everything we do should have a upper motive. And we accept this as the only normal approach to life.

The question is, once there is always a hidden motive, an upper goal behind every action is it possible to be carefree and happy? Or if there is a motive we necessarily invite fear and agony in our lives? The fear and agony that probably we won’t achieve this goal.

It seems this pure quality of spontaneous action is possible. It seems its possible to do something just because we enjoy it, like children that just want to play. People seem to have this capacity. Yet people tend to destroy this spontaneous action by creating concepts that relate to seeking pleasure/safety and avoiding pain. All this is a fact, not an imagination of the writer.

And then comes a distorted question like “how am I to negate all such motives”? There is not a safe technique, a safe path to live spontaneously. It seems the right question a serious man should ask is “is it possible to lead a life that is not based in motive” and find on one’s own.



Jorge Kapa

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