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What happens when the self knows there is awareness?

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Manolis Kritikos writes:

September 5, 2015 at 4:07am

When the self is not absorbed by the energy of attention, which is actually awareness, then the awareness is of the self, when the self is present. The self , being present , is always doing something, wanting something to happen, waiting , looking to see, observing to see… So, the self, for not being mechanical, is searching activities , objects, to give the self some sense of living, some mobility.

For instances evaluation, wanting, observing to see, is absent , in some depth. You are seeing someone in joy , in a depth , one knows that is cheerful, as one is becoming total conscious, the joy is vanishing. The self by seeing, by knowing , that some extraordinary is happening, its conscious imperfectness is putting an end to the aliveness, to being joyful.



Jorge Kapa

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