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When is Thought necessary?

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It’s a matter i was thinking of lately and then came an interesting article found at aytepignosi.com, a translation of a Rupert Spira‘s speach. Spira is a professional potter and also a “spiritual” writer (according to wiki). In this speach Spira described the 3 types of thought that are quite necessary and definitely make sense.. i won’t copy Spira’s words, i will give my own dimension on the matter, which i think it meets Spira’s view -though i am not quite sure-:

  •  Let’s say it’s a rainy day and i have to walk in order to go somewhere.. it’s quite obvious that i have to take my umbrella so as to avoid rain (which is actually thought in action, planning how to avoid rain). When a physical challenge takes place my intelligence which perceives the physical challenge (click here to fully understand what i mean when i use the word intelligence) utilizes thought in a sensible way to tackle the issue. In this section i would add thoughts that have to do with how to find the way home, how to speak a language etc.
  •  I am investigating an issue alone or along with other “searchers” and my intelligence utilizes thought to validate the possibility of an insight and make it communicable. So let’s say we investigate whether i can be free of desire.. suddenly intelligence brings about an insight that “yes we can be free of desire”.. then intelligence recruits thought to confirm that this is not a absurd statement and thought which is the past/memory intellectually realizes that desire was never necessary, on the contrary it used to breed anxiety, stress, struggle, confusion and conflict. Then again thought is able to communicate this insight, to share, which makes it evitable for co-searchers to stimulate one another and lead them to deeper investigation.
  • To organize a motiveless, neutral (as far as the Ego is concerned), spontaneous, idiosyncratic movement. It’s winter and surprisingly it’s a really shiny day,intelligence perceives this right now, joy is evident (when thought is totally absent) and there is a motiveless intention (totally out of the Ego) to “celebrate” the event.. then thought is utilized to call friends so as to organize a picnic or something like that.

What is much more shocking is that ALL other types of thought are absolutely absurd, not necessary, a non sensical movement of the Ego. And there are hundreds of them dominating our mind everyday. We try to plan pleasant events for the future (so tomorrow is saturday, we need to organize something extraordinary), to measure according to our best interest (i won’t help him with his homework unless he cooks dinner) , to meditate according to a method (I will stay still for 20 minutes and i will try to focus on breath), to develop pleasant thoughts about our ego (“i am the one that found the solution to this problem, i was right on that arguement, that girl finds me attractive etc), to improve ourselves (i have to be more patient, i need to practice patience, i shouldn’t get angry when something goes wrong) to adjust on our sick society (i shouldn’t backtalk to old people, it’s not good at all) to care about other people opinion about us (i need to dress properly for this wedding or else other people will laugh on me), to try to guess what will happen in the future, creating silly ideas (I believe that EU will not allow Grexit).. and these are only a few examples of the inside chaos, a chaos that its core is definitely the Ego.

I am not sure if there is any other kind of non neurotic thought, if you feel there is something more, please share.. It becomes quite clear that thought is absolutely useful/necessary only as a tool that realizes its limits, as a tool to be used by actual intelligence. When thoughts “thinks” it can act as a seperate, independent .. self (which is actually the essence of the Ego – or like Spira would say “the false self”) then bad things happen.

PS: Reading this post again, i feel there is a danger that someone may consider the previous lines  a quite fragmented approach (with all these bullets and the types of thoughts etc).. but this is not implied here.. it’s because the words are dualistic by nature, it’s because words necessarily cut reality into pieces that creates this sense of fragmentation. Actually thought is not a summation of several types.. thought is a total movement, based on the past, on memory and knowledge.. and thought can either be used by the Ego (the false self) or by intelligence. That’s all.




Jorge Kapa

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