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Who Am I

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ki8ararokemonWho am I doesn’t matter at all. On the contrary what is written here is probably something worth investigating. So psychologically I am nothing, not someone important.

Of course there is the outer form which does exist. My name is George Kakaris and I studied Biology while I also had a MSc on Applied Genetics. I live in a Greek Island called Chios.These details are actual. As for the importance of my psychological being, I need to repeat it.. I am not a thing.

Why are these diaries written for? There is not higher purpose on that, it’s obviously not my quest for life. I just broadcast experiencing, insights, perceptions that, as I mentioned above, probably worth investigating.. but never forget, the word is not the thing, the description is not the described.. you may investigate these messages, if you wish and see for yourself if they are true or not. And if you discover any truth on them, don’t make truth knowledge, don’t grab on your discovery. Just experience truth now and let it go, finish it.

Sharing with people makes sense for some reason (I think i will speak about that in future posts), so i would like you to share your perceptions, questions and general comments that is exactly what am i also doing here.

Hopefully it will be a great journey!





    • Hello Wim, i am the one who is active on Kinfonet! No need to worry and thank you SO MUCH for your interest

  1. hai friend…had a flash this morning…about thinking,thoughtsystem etc…at the same moment i wake up , ‘thought’ let me know ..jos ,i am also awake and i have for you hundreds and hundreds of thoughts..enough for chattering the whole day….my immediate reaction was …i am THIS ….and there was only looking,observing,seeing and the unwanted thoughts withers away….start then with some reading about ‘thought,memory,the past etc.’ ….Thinking is the past,it’s bringing up thoughts/the memory , and turn into words etc. Then i discover a diarie from you..you said there among other things: ……be aware of my thinking ‘Non verbally’ …. is it not so George, that this is ‘duality’ ? like a little dialogue with you my friend about this subject….
    Sometimes i say to myself: everything what we do here is ‘ matter and energy’ ..it’s ALL THIS ! no words,no explanation,no desires,no books,no authorities etc. but it’s only ‘Looking and Observing’ …………………………………………
    enjoy friend every moment…with Love….

  2. Hello Jos

    Hope you are just great!

    Do you say that words is a factor that breeds duality? I would say definitely yes.. once i am violent, if the words “you are violent” appear, then the traditional coloring of the word “violent”, that violence is something BAD, makes me wanna be non violent.. which is the movement from what is to what should be which is exactly that : Duality!

    Enjoy the moments :)

  3. It seems to me your using most of jiddu krishnamurti quotes and sayings in your discussions. Not quite sure what you are doing but i suggest you leave the original teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti as it is. Because you might point it out wrongly and further lead the people into confusions. The teachings are expressed clearly and is sufficient. And if you like to have discussion on these matters, please do so in your own words and understanding.

    Lets not pretend we are wise and enlightened but be sincere and honest within oneself if one wants to understand the truth of the matter.

    • As i mentioned in FB, i am not interested in using K’s quotes.. i only discuss/communicate things i’ve found, things that i’ve felt deep inside, or questions that are happening inside me!

      Please see this simple thing: the whole thing about teachers and disciples/followers is so distorted.. K or anybody else may point out something but if i don’t find on my own, if don’t see the truth of a statement, then just repeating it makes the true false.

      K, a book, a cloud, a tree, a word of a person may be an opportunity to reflect myself and learn

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