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Why do we run?

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We run.. we are in a hurry.. we run to catch the bus, or a deadline.. we run in order to be on time for a coffee rendezvous.. we eat our breakfast while we are watching a TV show, we are driving while we listen to music, we watch a cinema movie while eating popcorn and a refreshment. We avoid having a walk when its possible to get from one place to another sooner by means of public transport. Its a sunny day and we have the opportunity of enjoying a great bike ride and we decide to push ourselves in order to combine the ride with some aerobial exercise, we are doing a job task while having an important phone call in order to arrange another task.. we are cooking mechanically, trying to finish the cooking process as soon as possible! We are running.. we are trying to complete as many tasks as possible in the minimum of time. All these is not a silly idea of the writer, its a fact. See it!

Can we actually live, is it possible to be alive, if running all the time. Is it possible to enjoy the moment if during this moment we are focused on how you will be able to achieve our next goal? Will I ever look at these marvellous clouds above my head if i am struggling to be on time for the next meeting? Will i feel the air in my cheeks, will i listen to the sound of the wind, will i enjoy the extraordinary sense of aliveness around me? Will I feel the the burst of taste while the first sip of coffee touches my uraniscus if at the same moment i plan my day schedule? Will I ever notice the extraordinary flight of a seagull if the only thing that matters is how soon i will reach my destination. How will i enjoy the marvellous beauty of strings entering a song, being in a bar, occupied with trivial entertainment-seeking discussions?

The Self perceives superficially this paranoia.. actually the Self is essentially this paranoia. And the Self reacts because its so smart, so cunning.. all the common intellectual responses take place.. the Self justifies (we live in this mad society and we have to run or we will not survive), the Self hides (oh come on, you are wrong, i do enjoy the pleasures of life), the Self measures (probably you are right but at least i will have a 10-day vacation every year which will give me the opportunity to relax), the Self speculates (if i don’t deliver my task before deadline they will fire me), the Self analyzes (i am in a state of running because this is what i’ve learnt from my parents).

Seeing the insanity of this movement we need to ask.. why do we continue in this groove? Why do we keep running? Is it probably that we feel empty, hollow, insecure, experiencing a lack of satisfaction and pleasure, that motivates us to run, in order to seek excitement and safety? And will this artificial excitement we crave for ever fill the gap inside? Will we ever feel complete, whole, safe, satisfied by running, struggling for pleasure and safety? Ask these questions and find the answers on you own.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


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